HENRY'S bass strings TOM nickel coated (128-65)

Strings for 4-string bass guitars, COATED series

Tom's signature series of the Henry's electric bass strings .065 - .128 gauge.

COATED series bass strings are made of high-quality stainless steel and nickel-plated. They are also equipped with a special coating made of thin polymer, which extends the life of the strings up to 3 times.

The strings have deep bass, mids and highs and a very specific and clear sound. Theyare intended for advanced and professional players who play concerts and need to always have the instrument in order.

•    Electric bass strings
•    Hardness: .065 - .128
•    Number of strings: 4
•    Material: nickel-plated steel + polymer
•    Core: Steel
•    String length: Long Scale

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HENRY'S bass strings TOM nickel coated (128-65)